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Dulkre Life Cafe Zero Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Specially Crafted for Coffee & Espresso, 1000 Packets

Dulkre Coffee& Expresso

    • DULKRE LIFE CAFE is a no-calorie sweetener with a sugar-like sweetness specially crafted for expresso that does not leave an aftertaste in your mouth; Deliciously sweeten your next cup of coffee.
    • SUCRALOSE SWEETENER: Dulkre Life is a healthy sugar alternative that incorporates the power of sucralose to generate a zero-calorie sweetener with an excellent flavor profile for your morning coffee.
    • WHOLESOME SUGAR SUBSTITUTE free of calories, aspartame, gluten, and sodium with less than 1 gram of carbs per serving; the healthier choice for diabetics and people who follow the keto Kosher diet.
    • 1000 INDIVIDUAL PACKETS: Let say you normally use three packs of sugar in your coffee; you will need no more than 1/2 of the Dulkre Life sucralose sweetener packet in your tasty cup of coffee.
    • CONVENIENT FOR BUSINESS: Dulkre Life bulk pack of 1000 healthy sweetener packets specially crafted for coffee is essential for any office, restaurant, hotel, food service, coffee shop, or cafeteria.
+1 (786) 303-4903
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